Mini greenhouse for orchids – year 2009

Chiara is a portable greenhouse created to match the needs of a group of orchid lovers who were looking for an object with greater capacity, less heaviness and more possibilities in humidity and temperature management, compared to those available on the market.

The small cylinder-shaped plexiglass greenhouse doesn’t have any upright external struts in order to allow a complete view of the inside. The aluminum rod is the cylinder sliding axis, which is the way you can open it, and the lighting and nebulization source.

In the base there are the temperature and humidity management system and the air recirculation system.

The prototype was presented for the first time at the Salone Satellite in 2009, as individual project in the young designers group called “ALPROGETTO”.

At the moment Chiara is under an ingeneering process in order to produce a model suitable for market scale selling, commissioned by the Greenhouses and Gardens company  in Mirandola.