Marmomac 2018

Ristorante d’autore

(“Design art restaurant”)

Marmomac 2018, Fiera di Verona

ADI’s Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige Delegation has designed the layout of the Ristorante d’Autore 2018, whose theme this year is “The shape of water”.
Concept and co-ordination: Silvia Sandini.
Project set-up: Michela Baldessari, Paolo Criveller, Luca Facchini, Valerio Facchin, Silvia Sandini, Carlo Trevisani.
Video project: Alessandro Barison.

Crivé Studio proposed two tables at the fair, “Reflections” and “Solid”.

Our important guest

The “Reflections” table  has been particularly appreciated at MARMO+MAC2018 fair.

Among admirers, the White Front Co. managing director, who bought it.




“Reflections” Table 

"Reflections" table

A study of the reflections and colours of watercourses. The interpretation by the contemporary Japanese artist Hiroyuki Yamada was fundamental. In his pictorial research, he has skilfully transformed reflections into colours and we have turned his colours into marble. The shape has a deliberately irregular circumference.

Marble: Azul Bahia, Azul Macaubas, Labrador Blu, Silver Cloud

Technique: carved by waterjet cutting and glueing with bicomponent epoxy resin

Sponsor: Intermac – Pesaro (PU)

Project partner: Generelli SA

Concept: Paolo Criveller, Hiroyuki Yamada




“Solid” Table 

"Solid" table

The idea of water as the foundation of life is conveyed in the solid nature of marble: just as civilizations arose around water, every day around the table, in canteens and in meeting places, our dose of civilization is nourished in dialogue: it can spread in the air, flow in our minds and become concrete in a gesture that builds the future. Inspired by Japanese architecture and art, it is a minimalist work of art, whose shape is deliberately a no-circumference.

Marble: Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquina

Technique: waterjet cutting followed by polishing

Project partner: Lavagnoli Marmi Srl – Ronchis (UD)

Concept: Paolo Criveller




Marmomac, Day 4:


The Italian Stone Theatre

Pages 41 and 42 from the Marmomac 2018 catalogue.