Motta di Livenza

The military topographic geometrical maps of the Venetian Dukedom, drafted under the guide of the general Anthon von Zach between 1798 and 1805, are a complete and reliable document and the starting point of our analysis of the territory of Motta di Livenza.

They bear witness also to the crisis of the land due to frequent rainfalls and floods of the rivers Monticano and Livenza. The clay soil, preventing water to permeate, produced mud, which hampered the travels on the main roads. This situation could last till April, which is why all winter long people preferred the boat along the river Monticano to go from Motta to Gorgo (6 km). The maps show a land moulded by water.

From the XIX century the foreign governments launched the cadastral assessments, the first one, which started during the Austrian occupation, was made by the French and finally completed by the Austrian, it is known as the Napoleonic cadastre and dates back to the 1811.